AWTCC Director Visits with Chinese Agency to Improve Trade Relations

Brian Smith in China

In late February 2017, Mr. Brian Smith, co-founder and treasurer of American World Trade Chamber of Commerce visited with Mrs. Yan Yun, Deputy Director of Commercial Legal Service Center for China Chamber of International Commerce in Beijing to discuss avenues of cooperation between the two chambers.

Both agencies issue Certificates of Origin and other trade related documents for exporters and were able to exchange views on agency functions and country-specific work initiatives. Discussion also centered around the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Certificate of Origin Guidelines and implementation for electronic certificates.

The Chinese Chamber, consisting of over 300 branches, certifies hundreds of thousands of documents per year for exports to the United States that are used for re-exporting and require origin documentation.  AWTCC issued thousands of documents for goods destined to China in 2016 and its seal has become recognized by customs officials as a standard of excellence among American chambers.

Both AWTCC and CCOIC represent their countries on the ICC WCF Certificate of Origin Council and, as such, participate in setting international standards and implementing best practices.

To find out more about utilizing AWTCC services to expedite your exports to China or other destinations, visit the website at or contact the President, Wendy Fichter.

Brian in China

Pictured center left Mrs. Yan Yun, Center right Mr. Brian Smith