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Chamber Partnership Program

More than 10 years of electronic documentation!

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce is proud to have over 100 partners in their Export Affiliate Program, including chambers of commerce throughout the United States. Our partnership program includes local, regional, and state chambers and chambers that started with large and small certificate of origin volume. Our affiliate partners benefit from decreased staff busywork, reduced liability, and more than anything increased member benefit and non-dues revenue.

Be the Resources your Exporters Need

Leaving it to the Experts

  • We pride ourself on being the only national United States chamber to be fully accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce on the issuance of certificates of origin. This accreditation means that certificates of origin we issue can be verified against the International Chamber of Commerce verification system which is increasingly used by customs to ensure document clearance. These qualifications are a key component to our chambers widespread electronic acceptance.

  • Verify all of our documents at:


Providing Digitization

  • In the world today the push towards digitization is stronger than ever, which is why the AWTCC focuses on providing electronically issued certificates of origin. Electronic certificates of origin are not new with many countries in Europe and throughout APAC having been issuing trade documents electronically for nearly two decades.

Marketing & Advertising Made Easy

  • Flyers and graphics are built for our partners to use and will help guide you in highlighting your certificate of origin program on your chamber website.

Easy Billing

  • The AWTCC handles credit card processing and issues automatic payments to our partners each month. Non-dues revenue is based on every individual registration with us through your chamber.

Decreased Liability

  • Everything processed via our Export Partnership Program is covered under our liability

Generate a New Revenue Stream for your Chamber while we provide the documents

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