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The AWTCC provides documentation for American exporters and freight forwarders which include Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Free Sale and legalization documentation. We are accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation which means we adhere to international standards and best practices that are accepted worldwide.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us, you can use our contact form, or if you are unsure how to get started schedule a zoom call with us! 

212 655 5458

Register for Documents

For any needed certificates or documentation, please register with your companies information where it will take 24 hours to be approved.You will then receive a welcome email from us with your login information. This is where you will be able to retrieve any of your needed documents! The AWTCC is certified by the International Chamber of Commerce and all of our services are electronic which means you can print them anywhere in the world. Our seal is recognized and accepted worldwide!

Certificate of Origin

A COO is a document that specifies the products being brought into a country and where the goods originate. Typically, the origin reflects the country in which the goods were last materially impacted.

Certificate of Free Sale

a CoFS is evidence that goods destined for another country are presently and freely sold within the country of export. Many countries require this document for customs clearance or regulatory registration.

Embassy Legalization & Apostille

Embassy legalization is a cumbersome requirement that is ever changing. To help navigate this and have your documentation completed the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce is equipped to do full end to end processing so that you are ultimately returned a finalized document.

Legalization & Apostille Requirements

The legalization process holds cumbersome requirements which can cause delays. The AWTCC now has special requirements,invoice values, time frames and costs for commercial, corporate, and federally issued export documents by country. All of our time frames and final costs are up to date by each embassy. 

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