The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce (AWTCC) was established in 2011 by a group of bankers wishing to improve the United States export economy. Their expertise lay in helping exporters throughout the U.S. and Europe with documentation.  The founders discovered that Chambers outside of the US were government owned and subject to certain requirements with regard to exporting, but chambers in the US were independent non-profit organizations with no specific guidelines.  Concerned that each chamber had its own set of rules, the founders created AWTCC with the expectation that it would adhere to international standards and best practices as outlined by the ICC WCF with respect to Certificates of Origin.


The operations center for AWTCC was established in Westminster, MD, just outside Washington D.C. within close proximity to foreign consulates for convenience of additional documentation certification when required. The headquarters is located in New York City.


The nonprofit, 501(c) 6 organization, is dedicated to providing international trade solutions for exporters through its online documentation certification program and by promoting international standards and best practices. In addition, AWTCC seeks to provide certification education to chambers throughout the US.


We’re like-minded people dedicated to American exports.  American exports represent some of the most sophisticated products in the world.  By joining together, our members can learn how to better and more efficiently move those products around the world.


The AWTCC processes Certificates of Origin and other export related documents for U.S. companies. Our seal is recognized and accepted worldwide.