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Training Courses

We are so excited and proud to have partnered with the NCBFAA and now offer exporter training courses for all of our members and non-members. These courses are to help strengthen your knowledge on American exports as well as the regulations that support trade. Are you ready to get started? Fill out a registration form.

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About the Course

Export 101 is an overview of export transaction basics and responsibilities, U.S. export regulatory requirements, and the forwarder process. This four-part course incorporates critical thinking questions throughout to help you learn the material and get you to start thinking like an export specialist. Upon completion of the course, you will have a firm understanding of the basic requirements for the freight forwarder documentation and shipping process.

Why you will want to register and what is in it for you

Individuals and companies who work in the trade, export goods internationally, or are simply looking to expand their fundamental knowledge in the industry. This course is fully online where you can complete it at your own pace including the final exam. Please note that this is not a certification program.

Benefits and Key Topics

Expand your knowledge of export procedures, keep current with recent changes affecting the export industry, and receive a great introduction for someone new to the world of exports


  • Members - $400.00

  • Non-Members - $600.00

Becoming a member with The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce will allow you to receive all export courses at the membership rate where membership is valid for a full year. Check out other benefits and perks of becoming a member with us.

After registering for Export 101, please allow one business day for us to get back in touch with you.

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