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What is the need for certificate verification?

  • Every month, numerous customs officials, consulates, banks, importers, and other parties verify the genuineness of AWTCC Certificates of Origin by visiting the ICC verification website at

  • Unfortunately, fraudulent or altered Certificates of Origin, as well as documents issued by "chambers" that do not exist, are a continuing problem in international trade. Sometimes, the names of the chambers used are real, but stamps applied are fake, or not directly applied from the listed chamber itself.


Here is how you verify a Certificate of Origin

  1. Visit

  2. At the left of the screen, in section "Issuing Countries" select "United States of America"

  3. In section "Select the accredited chamber of commerce" search "American World Trade Chamber of Commerce"

  4. In section"CO Number or CO Reference Number," enter the number that is shown in red at the top right of the form. Include the prefix and dashed, e.g AW-00-00000

  5. In section "Date," enter the date of the certificate as shown in the lower left of the forum, above the signature. Enter the date in the international numeric format; use the four digit year and include "/" as shown on the website e.g. (dd/mm/yyyy).

If the certificate is genuine, you will see a notice indicating the date it was issued and name of the CO Applicant company. Please be aware the ICC site is updated once a day, so it may be a full day after issuance before the certificate is visible in the system. Feel free to contact in the event of any verification problems or questions!

Note: AWTCC also participates in the private verification site at However, that site provides a courtesy verification only. It is not the official ICC verification site for customs authorities, but shows the full text of the certificate. 


New International Chamber of Commerce Publications

  • The new ICC Publication 809 governing Certificates of Origin will change export documentation - just like ICC publications governing Incoterms and Letters of Credit revolutionized and standardized procedures after their introduction.  For 2020 and beyond, be prepared for both new ICC publications - ICC 723 (Incoterms 2020) and ICC 809 (Certificate of Origin Guidelines).

  • We will show you how to benefit from the new ICC 809 guidelines

  • With uniform standards coming to Certificates of Origin, your organization can play a key role in helping your shippers and their buyers avoid problems with customs clearance. As customs officers and authorities adopt ICC standards in the coming months, you want to keep all of your shipments problem-free.

  • Certificates can be verified through the ICC's Custom Vertification Portal helping speed up import clearance


Benefits from the new ICC guidelines

  • Create & issue fully electronic ICC accredited Certificates of Origin

  • Maintain a Branded COO portal on your website for shippers that want to create their own e-Certificates of Origin - This will grant you all credit!

  • Ensure that all shipments, especially routed export transactions for which you're responsible for, remain compliant.

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