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AWTCC is the first U.S. Chamber to earn & uphold International Chamber of Commerce Accreditation

25 May 2017 | AWTCC


Updated: Dec 29, 2022


The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce, recently earned a certificate of completion for International Certificate of Origin training from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) World Chambers Federation (WCF).

The ICC plays a vital role in providing the global standard in international best practices, which makes having a standard of excellence promoted by a professional critically important. By becoming graduates of the ICC WCF Certificate of Origin training, chamber executives demonstrate a commitment to excellence in serving their members in the trade industry.

“As the world business organization, ICC understands that busy working professionals need training and qualifications of the highest standard – and from a trusted source” says John Danilovich, ICC Secretary General.

Completion of this training represents achievement of the highest standard of professional development with regard to Certificates of Origin. To obtain this certificate, candidates must complete an extensive training program and pass a comprehensive examination. Graduates are committed to recertification every three years.

The course gives Chamber trade documentation professionals a thorough understanding of Certificates of Origin, as well as the needed credentials to approve trade documents.

The training content is based on the International Certificate of Origin Guidelines, the result of 18 months’ work by ICC World Chambers Federation in partnership with British Chambers of Commerce. The syllabus incorporates best practices from national chambers and organizations to produce the first international procedures and guidelines manual for chambers in the issuance of non-preferential certificates of origin.

More information about AWTCC’s online Certificate of Origin program can be found on the website at or by calling (313) 461-0442.