Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions and answers below

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce does not handle and process personal documentation. This includes divorce certificates, marriage certificates, and birth certificates.

We only process commercial and corporate/legal documents.

Please register for documents on our document registration page. Once approved you will then receive a login to retrieve your documents.

You will receive an email from us with your login details where a link will be attached to the login page or you can login directly on our website.
This will be given to you after you register your company with us. If you have not yet done so, you can do so here

Unfortunately, per ICC Guidelines*, The AWTCC is unable to make changes to approved documents. You will need to request a new document. The easiest way is to find the document already issued in your ARCHIVES within eCO-Online, click on VIEW and then click COPY. This will create a new application and you can make the necessary changes. If your new document is requested within the same month as the previous document, we will be happy to reduce the fee to a $10.00 per document reissue fee. In the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box you must put “Replacement for AW-20-xxxxx” (X = previous document number).If the request is in a different month, we are unable to reduce the price, however, we still need to know that it is a replacement so that we can void the original document according to ICC Guidelines. For future use, please be aware that you can create a draft of the document for your client prior to approval by the chamber. Once your document has been created just SAVE the application and click on the gray CLIENT COPY box at the top of the page. Once you have the needed approval, simply login, EDIT your document and SUBMIT for chamber approval.

For additional information contact

*International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation International Certificate of Origin Guidelines published 2019

In the event that your application status for a document is rejected, you do not need to apply again, please edit your current application form and you can make any required changes. We will review the changes within a few hours of resubmission.

In order to process a Certificate of Origin you must first be registered with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce.
Register here if you have not completed this step.

Certificates of Origin can be issued electronically or physically by mail – you will choose the method upon submitting your online application. Electronically issued documents can be printed directly. Manually printed and stamped documents come with additional courier fees and are shipped to the business address on file unless otherwise specified in Comments/Special Instructions of your application screen.

A commercial invoice is needed for our Chamber to approve your certificate of origin application. You will need to have a country of origin for the items written in the invoice. Either next to the specific items or anywhere in the invoice where it is visible. You can write for example ” MADE IN USA”, ” Manufactured in China” or ” Country of Origin : Canada and USA”, etc. as appropriate to your shipment. Many customs officials check both the CO and invoice to be sure they match, and this can also prevent Customs delays.

In order to process a certificate of free sale you must first be registered with the American World Trade Chamber of Commerce.
Register here if you have not completed this step.

The applicant must provide two pieces of evidence showing the product is sold within the United States. Generally, two commercial invoices showcasing the sale within the US would be sufficient.
If the exporter is not the manufacturer then they will need a declaration from the manufacturer to accompany the other two pieces of information.
Finally, the Certificate of Free Sale application form needs to be completed and submitted through our online portal.

Documents are processed within one business day once we have complete information.

AWTCC is equipped to provide embassy legalization or Apostille for any country that requires it.

Embassies are regularly updating their pricing and requirements. For our latest information, please visit our Embassy Legalization & Apostille Requirements page.

If documents are from another chamber we will need to review them to ensure they meet embassy and government agency requirements and we can provide information on costs at that time.

Yes, AWTCC is able to provide whatever level of processing is required whether that be Embassy Legalization or an Apostille.

Legalization costs for each country can be found on our Embassy Legalization & Apostille Requirements page.