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Your company can now handle all of the export certification needs for your shippers with a single Online Certification System, together with a branded portal for your clients to use themselves. Whether you need a Certificate of Origin, a Chamberized commercial invoice, or a set of legalized documents, you can now apply online. Simply join the growing community of freight forwarders throughout the country using our Forwarder Partnership Program. This page can help you learn how AWTCC can be your international certification provider.

Online Certificates of Origin

Provide your shippers with the benefit of digitally processed, internationally accredited Certificates of Origin from a team of certified experts. Our Online Certification System allows us to provide you with simple, fast service. The AWTCC is accredited for issuance of Certificates of Origin by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, ensuring compliance with international rules, and allowing electronic verification of our certificates by Customs authorities worldwide. Keep your shippers free from documentation problems!

Legalization of Documents

The legalization of documents is a fundamental requirement for cross-border activities, ensuring that business documents are recognized internationally. This complex and highly technical service, involving embassies, consulates, and both state and federal agencies is now something you can offer your shippers in a simple and straightforward way. It’s as easy as clicking the “Legalize” button in our Online Certification System, and we take it from there.


We are so excited and proud to have partnered with the NCBFAA and now offer export training courses for all of our members and non-members. These courses are to help strengthen your knowledge of American exports as well as the regulations that support trade. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today.

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