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Certificates of Free Sale for Exporters


Certain countries require a Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) to import many products, especially those the United States regulates in some way. Examples include but are not limited to, non-prescription drugs, medical devices, dietary supplements, cosmetics and personal care items, food products and other manufactured goods. This document certifies that the specified products legally sell within the open market of the exporting country. Therefore, no impediments exist for selling them in the local marketplace.


CFSs are pivotal in international trade, providing a level of assurance to foreign governments that the products imported into their countries comply with regulatory standards similar to their own. They serve as a key to opening doors to global markets, helping to give assurance that products meet legal and safety requirements.

For manufacturers, obtaining a Certificate of Free Sale is often a regulatory requirement for entry into many international markets. Without this certification, products may be denied entry, resulting in costly delays and a tarnished reputation.

They also instill confidence in foreign regulatory agencies that the products available in their country adhere to international standards of quality and safety, similar to those found in the product’s country of origin.

How do I know if I need a Certificate of Free Sale?

Regulations can vary significantly from country to country, and product to product. Your in-country partner (such as your buyer or your agent/distributor) will likely know what the requirement in your specific industry is or can verify that with their legal counsel. Some countries may have unique requirements for a Certificate of Free Sale, such as translations, or additional certifications. Be sure to comply with these to avoid any delays.

Country Specific Document

This type of Certificate is a country-specific document. While it is issued for a specific product, it is not specific to an individual shipment. Instead, it outlines your intent to bring a product (or products) into a specific country. If you intend to export to multiple countries, you may need multiple Certificates of Free Sale.

A document with many names

People often refer to these as a “Free Sale Certificate” or “US Sale Certificate” or many other similar names. Please reach out to our team if you need any clarity!

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