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Other services for your members

Certificates of Free Sale

A Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) serves as a form of evidence that goods are freely sold in the United States and, by extension, are considered safe for use and consumption; often required by the governments of other countries to demonstrate that the exported products are not prohibited from sale in the U.S.. While certain products, notably pharmaceuticals, require documents issued by a U.S. Government agency, in many cases they can be issued by a Chamber. Our team understands the rules and regulations of this process.


Every business day, over 50,000 new public procurement tenders are made available across the globe. Many of these are open to U.S. exporters — but all too often, companies are not aware of these opportunities. We can provide your members with a tool to identify these tenders – filtered with relevance to each company’s specific product range – thus helping them increase global sales. Imagine how happy your export members will be if you help them increase sales!

Business Travel Visas

Exporters have members of staff who often travel to gain new business and service existing overseas customers. For those companies that venture a bit further afield, particularly parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America, a business visa is required to enter many countries. We can help, with resources to obtain required visas by having them walked through the appropriate embassy in DC.

Expedited Passports

For those busy travelers who suddenly realize their passport has expired, we can help get that re-issued in record time.

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