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Exploring New US Trade Opportunities with the UK Post-Brexit

13 Dec 2023 | AWTCC

Mike Wilson, CEO of Go Exporting, joins us to discuss new memorandums of understanding signed between the United Kingdom and several US state governments. We will be exploring new US trade opportunities with the UK post-brexit and potential impact and goals outlined in these agreements and how they may shape trade between the UK and the United States.

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The UK has signed these agreements as part of its post-Brexit strategy to forge new trade partnerships. Additionally, they aim to bypass the deadlock on a wider federal trade deal between the US and UK. While initial discussions on a formal free trade agreement have started, major progress at the federal level is unlikely soon.

As an alternative approach, the UK has now finalized agreements with Florida, Utah, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Carolina, Indiana, and Washington. These varied agreements reveal potential opportunities for US exporters in areas like automotive, small electronics, and green energy.

Specifically, the agreements create frameworks to actively promote trade and may provide exporters in these states with extra support in developing UK customers. Moreover, many also outline specific trade missions and plans for further collaboration between the UK and individual states moving forward.

In light of these recent developments, the AWTCC welcomes these efforts to facilitate US-UK trade. We encourage members to contact us directly for guidance on potential opportunities and available assistance to navigate these new openings. Furthermore, our team can provide customized advice on accessing these emerging partnerships.

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