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About Us

America's Globally Recognized Export Certification Provider

Welcome to The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce! We are an export certification provider for American exporters and companies who need certificates of origin, certificates of free sale, and legalization documentation. We are passionate about bettering the exporting economy in the United States in a futuristic way. Our Certificates of Origin are electronic which means you can print them anywhere in the world with our recognized seal and ICC accreditation.

Our Story

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce was established in 2011 by a small group in the banking industry that had the desire to improve the exporting economy in the United States. Chambers outside the states were subjected to specific requirements in regard to exports whereas chamber in the states did not have any guidelines.

The drive and expertise behind The AWTCC was to guide exporters throughout the U.S. and Europe with proper documentation. 


The AWTCC made a promise to adhere to international standards and best practices that are outlined by the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation with respect to Certificates of Origin. American companies and exporters represent some of the most well known brands and products around the globe and by joining together, our exporters can effectively and efficiently move through customs around the world!


Our ICC Accreditation is recognized and accepted worldwide!

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What Makes Us Unique?

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce is an internationally recognized export certification provider accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce. All services are registered for electronically and approved within the next business day. All documents will be stamped with our globally recognized stamp cutting timing delays and making going through customs a breeze.  All of our exporters and freight forwarders can print AWTCC documents from anywhere in the world!


Our vision is to improve the United States export supply chain efficiency thorough digital documentation, enhanced knowledge and partnerships.

Our mission is to add value to chambers, software suppliers, international trade related organizations and companies throughout the United States to bring globally recognized solutions to exporters and freight forwarders wherever they may be located.

Our promise is to offer our services through affordable online services that are easy to access, whether directly or through software integrations.

Our values

  • Being dependable to fulfill all of our exporters needs

  • Having consistency throughout all of our services

  • Holding accountability for all of our documents approved by us

  • Fully committed to our Exporters, Members & Partnerships

~We stand behind all of our documents and services~

Some of our Largest Exporters
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