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Certificate of Origin for Exports

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce is accredited by the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation with respect to Certificates of Origin. All of our documents are respected and known worldwide which makes going through customs with ease. We have been appointed with integrity, responsibility, and moral obligation to ensure credibility of all Certificates of Origin.


What is a Certificate of Origin

  • The CO is an important international trade document that specifies the products being brought into a country and where the goods originate. Typically, the origin reflects the country in which the goods were last materially impacted. Some certificates of origin may have multiple products from multiple different countries.

  • They are designed to support stringent verification procedures where due diligence is undertaken.


What is the purpose of a Certificate of Origin?

  • The main focus of a CO is for clearing customs. When customs are reviewing your export documents, the certificate of origin is what gives them the first impression of your product. Certificates of origin are consistently required by customs and frequently need to be stamped, signed, and issued by an authorized entity. This document also determines the duties that have to be paid, if any.

  • Certificates of Origin are requested by customs, banks, exporters, and importers for a multitude of reasons and will most likely vary from country to country

    • To control and verify the origin of imports​

    • To determine taxes and duties if applicable

    • To ensure traceability and security of goods

    • To enforce national regulations/trade policies

    • To compile data trade, etc


How will you receive your documents from us? How to register your company?

  • Our Certificates of Origin are a secure, time-saving, futuristic way of  e-certificates. Once you register your company with us, you will then be approved within 24 hours and receive a welcome email with your login to retrieve all your documents! After you submit your document and are approved, all CO's can be printed anywhere in the world. You also have the option for us to send you a physical copy in the mail through courier within the next business day.

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Did You Know?

Europe and the Asia Pacific has been electronically stamping certificates for decades and the issuance of an electronic CO in China is 100%. The AWTCC has a goal to bring awareness of electronic export services to the United States where there is less than 5% of exporters doing this digitally. 

Fraudulent CO's are extremely common and with the increased security of digitized technology of e-certificates it cuts down the risk of fraud.  The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce is the only national chamber in the United States to hold the International Chamber of Commerce World Chambers Federation Accreditation. You will be able to verify all of our certificates of origin with the ICC that is globally recognized and respected worldwide.

How do I reduce my risk of fraud? How do I check if my certificate is genuine?

Every month numerous customs officials, consulates, banks, importers, and other parties verify the genuineness of AWTCC Certificates of Origin by visiting the ICC verification website at Unfortunately, fraudulent or altered Certificates of Origin, as well as documents issued by "chambers" that do not exist, are a continuing problem in international trade. Sometimes, the names of the chambers used are real, but stamps applied are fake, or not directly applied from the listed chamber itself.

Here is how you verify our Certificates of Origin

  1. Visit 

  2. At the left of the screen, in section "Issuing Countries" select "United States of America"

  3. In section "Select the accredited chamber of commerce" search "American World Trade Chamber of Commerce"

  4. In section"CO Number or CO Reference Number," enter the number that is shown in red at the top right of the form. Include the prefix and dashed, e.g AW-00-00000

  5. In section "Date," enter the date of the certificate as shown in the lower left of the forum, above the signature. Enter the date in the international numeric format; use the four digit year and include "/" as shown on the website e.g. (dd/mm/yyyy).

If the certificate is genuine, you will see a notice indicating the date it was issued and name of the CO Applicant company. Please be aware the ICC site is updated once a day, so it may be a full day after issuance before the certificate is visible in the system. Feel free to contact in the event of any verification problems or questions!

Note: AWTCC also participates in the private verification site at However, that site provides a courtesy verification only. It is not the official ICC verification site for customs authorities, but shows the full text of the certificate. 


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