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Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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Special Requirements

There are no special requirements for this country

Legalization Fees

Commercial Documents

Certificate of Origin – USD 285.00
Certificate of Origin + Invoice – USD 425.00

Fees Based on Invoice Value

There are no fees based on Invoice Value for this country

Corporate/Legal Documents (includes Certificate of Free Sale)

For 1 document – USD 285.00
For 2 documents together – USD 425.00

Time Frame – 2 – 3 weeks

Federally Issued Documents (such as documents issued by US FDA, US Department of Health, etc.)

For 1 document – USD 425.00
For 2 documents together – USD 565.00

Time Frame – approximately 3 months (due to U.S. Department of State processing times)

Subject to change at any time without immediate notice due to changes in pricing by embassies or other official government entities.

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