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The AWTCC is joining Chamber Chat Podcast

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Chamber Chat Podcast is a place for Chamber Professionals to get ideas and to learn from industry leaders. Here is a platform to learn about all chamber related updates.

Alex Sonifrank, The AWTCC Affinity & Partnership Manager, will be joining the Chamber Chat Podcast to discuss the chamber's role in issuing the certificates of origin. The discussion will focus on the importance in being able to provide the service to your community as well as how the US approach differs from chambers of commerce internationally. Look forward to the episode once it goes live!

We have been excited for this podcast for some time and are so happy to finally be able to announce it that we will be recording on June 4th and will air in the early fall on

A Statement From Alex -

"I'm happy to be able to provide knowledge to the chamber community. Certificates of origin are often something chambers have some knowledge of, but never get the focus they ultimately deserve. As chambers of commerce, we all want to see our members grow and thrive and being able to represent and work with them on an international space is vital to succeeding at that goal."

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