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Membership Benefits with The AWTCC

Hey Exporters! Do you process a lot of documents each year? Are you interested about changes in legalization costs? Want to Register for Training Classes? - Become a member with us and save on fees, be in the know and gain brand credibility! 

Discounted Documents

All members will receive 50% off of signed and stamped certificates of origin and 25% off of signed and stamped certificates of free sale. You may apply for as many or few as you need with the discounted rate.

One-On-One Yearly Consult

Members have the option to have a walk through of our document portal with a step by step guide to any of the documents that you may need.


Export Training Classes

Export 101 is an overview of export transaction basics and responsibilities, U.S. export regulatory requirements, and the forwarder process. This four-part course incorporates critical thinking questions throughout to help you learn the material and get you to start thinking like an export specialist.

CIBT Passports/Visas/Personal Documents

We now have the resources to offer our members a 30% discount on personal documents through our proud partnership with CIBTvisas. Please email with the subject line as AWTCC/CIBTvisas for more information.

Good-Standing Declaration/Review

The American World Trade Chamber of Commerce can leave a letter of recommendation if needed with customs and embassies.


Access to Shipping Solutions

Save on access to Passage Premium, Shipping Solutions premium package for trainings, webinars, and QA sessions.

Shipping Labels 

Zero shipping cost if you provide your own shipping label for us.

Member with The USCC

We are a member of the USCC which means all of our members automatically become one!


Members will receive chamber updates, legalization updates/changes, future events, and upcoming training training classes on a regular basis.

AWTCC Membership Logo

We now offer membership logos to gain credibility and promote resources​. Choice of three different logos that best suits your website and spacing. Do you need an AWTCC logo, please email

Invoicing Options Available

Invoicing is available for members who are processing twenty or more certificates monthly. This includes Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Free Sale.

Company Referral

For each referral that becomes a member with us, a thank you gift will be sent to you as well as a gift card of choice of Amazon, Starbucks, and more!​ We appreciate you choosing us to help you with all of your exporting needs.

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